As a survivor, the level of respect I have for anyone going through or surviving this surreal journey is intense and timeless. To me, Jen is next level. I can personally attest to her caring integrity and desire to do something really good as a result of something really awful. It’s powerful and contagious. We all have opportunities to live out our dreams, even when life changes trajectory, and I am confident that Jen has truly found her calling with her vision for this movement. I hope that you have the opportunity to meet this amazing human, and find healing in the expertise that Beyond Your Summit will bring to you
— Katrin Casey, Founder of Chemo Noir
There are not words enough to thank you for all the help you have given me in my climb up to my summit when I needed it most. You gave me the tools to stay as fit as possible during my treatments. The power of a green smoothie, a yoga workout, and ways of keeping my mind as stress free as humanly possible. There are so many tools that most are not aware of. It is a life changing way of life. You are so knowledgeable about so many things, and it’s topped off with a warm and caring nature. Thank you, Jen for helping me to help myself. It a great feeling when you feel you have lost control of all aspects of your life.
— CD
During a difficult time, trying to navigate a new diabetes diagnosis, inundated and overwhelmed with information from doctors and a different nutritionist, Jen was a breath of fresh air. She took the time to listen to frustrations and concerns and then reassuringly addresses them in a kind and positive way. My husband(whom was diagnosed) had been anxious and fearful for months about his diagnosis, after speaking with Jen he was refreshed and felt more calm about moving forward with the diabetes. Jen was a magic light beam during a difficult time. We know she will be the same for others.
— Elizabeth